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Digitally Guided Treatment

If you’re like the rest of our patients, you’re looking for a team who has the expertise to provide you with life-changing and long-lasting results. As oral surgeons, we’re experts in all the treatments we offer at our Lynn, MA surgical facility and through digitally guided treatment, we can enhance our level of care and the quality of your experience. Using CHROME™ GuidedSmile, we use digital technology to virtually plan your dental implant treatment for more precision and accuracy during surgery. This results in a less invasive procedure, a faster recovery, and more predictable and long-lasting outcomes. It’s beneficial to put your care into the hands of experts, but our team goes a step further to ensure you’re receiving the best possible care with transforming results. Choose us for comprehensive dental implant treatment guided by the most advanced surgical technology available today and receive the results you need to be confident and healthy.

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  • Chrome Guided Implants - Precise placement of dental implants

Why Choose Guided Surgery?

  • More predictable outcomes
  • Safer surgical experiences
  • Minimal risk for complications
  • Reduced post-op discomfort
  • Amazing long-term results
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Enhancing Surgical Experiences

Our oral surgeons are certainly experts in dental implant placement. However, we’re always striving to elevate our level of care and give our patients enhanced surgical experiences with the latest technology. We use CHROME digital technology to plan personalized and predictable surgery based on your unique needs. Then, our lab technician will design surgical guides we use to ensure we’re placing your implants in the best possible position in your jaw. This greatly improves the accuracy and precision of our full mouth dental implant surgeries and gives us the best guidance when creating your high-quality and properly fitted provisional. Using this approach, we consistently provide our patients with comfortable surgical experiences and outstanding long-term results. Schedule your first consultation with our oral surgeons to learn more about how our team can provide you with the health, functional, and aesthetic results you deserve.

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