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A “gummy” smile occurs when too much gum tissue covers over the visible tooth crowns, making the teeth appear short. Treatment involves removing excess gum tissue to restore natural symmetry and the proper tooth-to-gum ratio. Soft tissue recontouring may also be completed if decay or fracture is present beneath the gum tissue, providing access for proper treatment or restoration with a dental crown.

Gum recession may be unattractive and often painful with the exposure of sensitive tooth roots. Receding gums can lead to loosened teeth and the risk for tooth loss in extreme cases. Gum grafting takes a portion of gum tissue from the mouth or a donor source and covers over the exposed teeth. Gum grafting often results in more dense gum tissue and improves how your teeth look and feel long-term.

Gum disease causes gum tissue to pull away from the teeth, leaving deep pockets between. A gingivectomy removes and reshapes the diseased gum tissue to clean the tooth roots and provide a good environment for healthy gums to reattach. A gingivectomy can also have cosmetic purposes to even out the gum line for a more symmetrical and attractive smile.

Tongue tie or lip tie occurs when the tissue that attaches the upper lip and the tongue to the mouth is too restrictive. A frenectomy removes this piece of tissue so that the tongue and lip can move freely. Frenectomy treatment improves aesthetics, breastfeeding in infants, speech, and eating.

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