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For many of our patients, wisdom teeth extractions are often the first major surgery they will face. As oral surgeons, we’re experts in wisdom teeth and remove them every day using advanced techniques and anesthesia. Our patients enjoy comfortable experiences at our Lynn, MA surgical facility and predictable, long-term results after treatment. It’s normal for parents, adults, and teens to feel nervous about wisdom teeth surgery but know that you or your teen are receiving care from some of the best oral surgeons in the country. With decades of experience, we’ve helped thousands of patients return to good oral health and eliminate painful symptoms with our wisdom teeth extractions. Keep oral health on track by scheduling a consultation for yourself or your teen, today!

Specialized Training Makes Choosing An Oral Surgeon For Wisdom Tooth Removal, The Best Choice!

Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

Not every patient who gets wisdom teeth extractions from us was experiencing painful symptoms of impacted teeth. While this is often the case, we may recommend wisdom teeth removal as a preventive surgery to ensure your existing teeth are not damaged and your mouth remains healthy.

Common symptoms of wisdom teeth that require extraction include:

  • Jaw pain or swelling
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Swollen, bleeding gums
  • Difficulty opening mouth
  • Chronic toothache

What to Expect

Wisdom teeth extractions are surgical procedures we complete in our AAAASF-accredited operating suites. Here, we have the resources and team to offer all levels of anesthesia, with proper adherence to safety and sterilization protocols. Along with our oral surgeons, our nurse anesthetist will be at your consultation to meet you and answer any questions you have about surgery and anesthesia. On the day of surgery, we’ll help you feel calm and relaxed, then administer the proper anesthesia and remove your wisdom teeth using minimally invasive surgical techniques. The length of this process depends on many factors, including the position of your wisdom teeth and how many require extraction. When the surgery is over, we’ll be here to get you ready to recover at home. Our team provides any follow-up care you may need to ensure you’re recovering properly and return to ideal oral health.

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