Dermal Fillers - Lynn, MA

Get Youthful, Natural Looking Skin

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Long-Lasting Facial Enhancements

Do you wish your cheeks and lips were more filled out or you had fewer visible wrinkles on your face? RADIESSE® and Restylane® are two types of dermal fillers we use at our Lynn, MA office to enhance the facial appearance of our patients and give them more youthful, natural-looking skin. These solutions are minimally invasive and safe, with long-lasting results. Best of all, these fast and painless treatments provide immediate results and have little-to-no side effects, so you can return to normal activities immediately after your appointment.

Our oral surgeons are some of the best-qualified doctors to provide cosmetic treatments like RADIESSE and Restylane. Using our expertise in facial anatomy, including soft tissues, muscles, and bone structure, we’re uniquely qualified to offer cosmetic treatments and can enhance your facial appearance with personalized and effective treatment. We’re here to help you find confidence in the way you look with predictable solutions that can last multiple years. Don’t wait to schedule your cosmetic consultation if you’re ready to look and feel younger!

Benefiting from Dermal Fillers

  • Naturally fuller and more shapely lips
  • Reduced severity of furrows and folds
  • Smoothed fine lines and wrinkles
  • Fuller, more youthful cheeks and chin

Quick Treatment, Lasting Results


RADIESSE is laboratory-made calcium hydroxylapatite, which is a natural substance found in the mineral content of human bone. It treats deeper furrows, folds, and recessed scars around the nose, mouth, and jaw. It’s also used to bring fullness back to the hollow portions of the cheeks, chin, and jawline.


Restylane is laboratory-produced hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally found in the body and therefore safe and effective in stimulating new collagen production. It softens superficial lines on the forehead, around the nose and mouth, and on the lips, as well as adds fullness to the lips.

Refresh and enhance your facial appearance.