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Improve Chin Aesthetics with Genioplasty

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Restore Natural Symmetry and Proportion

Are you self-conscious about a chin that is recessed, large, or asymmetrical? We can help with personalized genioplasty. Also known as chin surgery, a genioplasty reshapes or repositions your chin to create better facial symmetry and chin proportions. Our cosmetic oral surgeons are experts in facial reconstructive surgery, with decades of experience helping patients feel confident in how they look and function with this treatment. If you want to improve your facial aesthetics, we’ll first create a digital simulation of surgery so you can see how you’ll look once the procedure is done—and to get your chin exactly how you want it. Stop living with functional issues or embarrassment about how you look. Our oral surgeons specialize in genioplasty and are here to give you the natural aesthetics you want.

Why Choose Genioplasty?

  • Large, protruding chin
  • Recessed chin
  • Asymmetrical chin
  • Double chin
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Surgery Personalized to You

A genioplasty can be comprised of different techniques to improve the natural aesthetics and function of your chin. With our specialized skill, we offer chin advancements and reductions and chin implants based on your personal needs and goals. Using our digital imaging software, we’re able to collaborate with each other to design the most personalized and predictable treatment plan. Genioplasty is an intense surgical procedure requiring anesthesia, so we’ve equipped our Lynn, MA surgical facility with AAAASF-accredited operating rooms and state-of-the-art technology to provide this treatment in a comfortable and safe outpatient setting.

Combined with our surgical expertise and minimally invasive techniques, your surgery is predictable and effective, providing you with a comfortable and safe recovery. Feeling apprehensive about undergoing surgery, especially with anesthesia, is normal for our genioplasty patients. As experienced surgeons and doctors, we’re trained to provide precision treatment and can handle any situation that may arise. In addition, our on-staff nurse anesthetist is here to monitor you during surgery to ensure you’re comfortable and free from pain. Don’t let functional or aesthetic concerns about your chin keep you from living a healthy, confident life any longer. Schedule your consultation with our team today.

Enhance the aesthetics and function of your chin.

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